Today, in the fast-paced, ever-changing world in which we operate, the value of assets is also in constant change. This often creates situations when an accurate, up-to-date valuation is necessary.

At CD Valuation Services, Inc. our in-depth knowledge, combined with time-tested procedures and exacting standards, produce an appraisal that will meet your specific needs. Because the appraisal process is tailored to your needs, we begin with a discussion to determine the use, purpose and scope of the project. We will cover all the parameters of the appraisal process including applicable assumptions and limiting conditions. The definitions of value will be reviewed and we will advise on which value is applicable to your appraisal need. 

Typical appraisals and their associated definitions of values may include:

Lending/Finance Mergers & Acquisitions/Business Valuation & Consulting
  • Fair Market Value - Installed
  • Fair Market Value - Removed
  • Liquidation Value in Place
  • Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Forced Liquidation Value
  • Fair Market Value in Continued Use
  • Fair Market Value - Installed
  • Fair Value (FASB statements)
Insurance Eminent Domain/Condemnation
  • Replacement Cost New
  • Replacement Cost New Depreciated
  • Fair Market Value - Installed
  • Actual Cash Value
  • Cost New in Place
  • Fair Market Value in Place
  • Fair Market Value Severed
  • Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Removal, Relocation & Reinstallation

As our reports are developed and intended to comply with the guidelines of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the type of written report generated will be discussed and determined by the scope of work, purpose and use of the appraisal. Previous report types promulgated by USPAP included Self-Contained, Summary or Restricted Use. Today, by way of the USPAP 2015-2016 edition, there are now only two types of reports: Appraisal Report and Restricted Appraisal Report. However, terms such as Full Narrative, Limited Scope, Walk Through and Desk Top describe various report formats that may fall within the USPAP guidelines.

Based on the scope of work, purpose and use as described, we will make our recommendations as to the type, content, definition(s) of value and format. Appraisals made for varying reasons may utilize similar definitions of value, but an appraisal report must be specific and incorporate the Intended Use/Intended User and the Definitions of Value.

Our expert services are many, and the needs of each client are different. We listen, consult, react and execute to meet those needs. Give us a call to discuss your project and, after we have ascertained your needs, we will give you a timetable and cost estimate. Our goal is to produce a credible, defensible and cost effective appraisal quickly.

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